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Digital Marketing Podcast by Exposure Ninja

Jan 18, 2018

As an eCommerce owner, wouldn’t it be a dream if the retailers that stock your product paid to advertise your it, rather than you having to pay to advertise them?

This week on the Exposure Ninja Digital Marketing Podcast, we’re talking with Solillas founder Jonnie Matthew. A former winner of the Best New Business award at the Drapers Footwear Awards, Solillas,  a Menorcan sandal company, has managed something that few original independent fashion brands ever do, but many want to: get stocked widely in high street retailers, from Urban Outfitters to Topshop, Office, Selfridges and House of Fraser and even in the US.

Jonnie dropped by to discuss how he’s taken his company’s brand from selling a few pairs at markets to getting it to where it is now.

If you are an eCommerce owner or about to launch a fashion brand and dream to see your product on the high street, then this podcast episode is for you!

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