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The Exposure Ninja Digital Marketing Podcast

Apr 22, 2020

Go against the herd. 

That's our key message for business owners who are feeling deflated by the current situation. 

While most of your competitors will be following their basic instinct to retreat, this is your chance to get ahead before the eventual economic boom that's to follow. Remember, this is not the "new...

Apr 8, 2020

As a notoriously intense, high-pressure environment, being in sales is a tricky position to be in right now. It's also likely to be the department that feels the most immediate impact of this crisis and any other crisis that may arise in the future. 

As leads dry up and morale slumps, how can sales departments rise to...

Apr 1, 2020

This week’s podcast is an ad-hoc episode in light of COVID-19. 

We know that business owners need timely marketing advice. 

That’s why we’re helping you to self-diagnose your business into one of the four following camps: 

  • Camp 1 - Businesses that are close to breaking point and are losing custom fast
  • Camp 2 -...