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Digital Marketing Podcast by Exposure Ninja

Aug 31, 2017

We love chatting to the head honchos of similarly progressive, ambitious companies to see what tactics they’re utilising to push the business forward. Hearing from successful, modern businesses about how they use online marketing to prosper always provides us with plenty of insight and tips that we can all tweak and use in our own way.

And trust us: there aren’t many more projects right now that are moving along more rapidly than Doctify. Featured in national newspapers and international news outlets like Sky and CNBC, Doctify has digitalised and simplified the process of searching for and booking medical specialists. This young team of doctors and online experts only started up in 2015, but have already emerged as a major player in their market, with some insane SEO statistics boosting online visibility.

Doctify’s CMO, Adam Beainy, has been a large part of that success, and we chat to him in this podcast episode. Adam talks us through the wide-scale tasks he’s been heading at the company to make them an authority online and generate some serious interest. As well as emphasising unique features and utilising automation, we hear all about Doctify’s superb amount of website content that has helped their SEO efforts no end. And it’s not just about the quantity, either; Adam works alongside medical professionals and SEO experts to ensure that each page of the website includes information and features that benefit users and make the Google-bots happy, too.

This is a pretty hardcore digital marketing podcast episode, with a real deep dive into how Doctify has risen so quickly to the top. Just a glance at its website, online activity and stats, though, tells you how effectively Adam and co. have used SEO and more marketing techniques that we all use every day. So settle in, get your geek on and prepare to receive some serious knowledge.

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