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Digital Marketing Podcast by Exposure Ninja

Jul 11, 2017

Our guest in this episode has built a network of websites which now totally dominate his market online. Not just on Google search, but on every social channel. If you’re in the market for online drum lessons, you cannot fail to end up on the Drumeo email list, and we bought in Jared Falk to talk about how he’s built the brand using organic and paid traffic.

We discuss how he’s grown the website, changed their content angles and used Youtube and Facebook to flood the market with their content, all from a place of wanting to provide as much value as possible.

It’s fascinating to hear Jared’s story and his approach to building goodwill in his market, so whether you’re selling information products or you want to share your expertise online, this episode will get the juices flowing about how to expand your reach and take more of your competitors’ lunches.

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