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High-Performance Digital Marketing Podcast

Dec 11, 2019

In this episode of the Exposure Ninja Digital Marketing Podcast, we are trying out a new format. We're going to be bringing you a mixture of How To's, Deep Dives and Ninja Nuggets on top of our classic Interview episodes. 

This week is our first 'How To', showing you how to improve your website's leads and sales in 10 days. Tim walks you through four simple ways you can improve leads and sales without having to run any ads or generate new traffic. 

If 1 out of 100 visitors to your website turn into a lead or sale then it means your website has a 1% conversion rate. If you can adapt parts of your website to increase it to a 2% conversion rate, then you have doubled the volume of leads and sales your website generates. 

At Exposure Ninja, we have boosted a client's conversion rate to 34%! But on average a good conversion rate for your website is about 3%-4%. Getting your website to this point is fantastic and it can be done without having to spend money. 

This all sounds simple and it can be with some small but efficient changes to the layout and copy on your website. So listen to our resident guru and Head Ninja, Tim to find out 4 Ways To Increase Your Leads in ONLY 10 Days.

04:52 Tip 1 — Use credibility triggers 

10:43 Tip 2 — Increase the appeal of your lure 

15:59 Tip 3 — Answer your customer objections 

17:41 Tip 4 — Make your call-to-action obvious

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