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High-Performance Digital Marketing Podcast

Jul 3, 2019

In this week's episode of the Exposure Ninja Digital Marketing Podcast, Tim is joined by Liz Willits from AWeber. is one of the world's biggest email marketing companies and Liz has joined us to discuss just what makes a good email?!

What can you expect to learn from this podcast episode?

Liz recently conducted an INSANE study which analysed 1,000 emails from the top 100 email marketers in the world right now, in order to try and answer four of the most asked questions when it comes to email marketing:

  1. How long should my email be?
  2. How long should my email subject line be?
  3. Should I use emojis in my email subject line?
  4. Should I capitalise my email subject line?

As you can imagine, Liz has got a ridiculous amount of knowledge on the subject of email marketing, so note pads at the ready -- prepare to get your long-neglected email list back on point with the expertise Liz shares in this episode!

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