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High-Performance Digital Marketing Podcast

Jun 12, 2018

In this week’s episode of the Exposure Ninja Digital Marketing Podcast, Tim is joined by Aaron Krause, the marketing behemoth behind Scrub Daddy — America's favourite sponge and Shark Tank's most successful product ever!

Aaron has built the Scrub Daddy brand into something quite extraordinary — 40% market recognition in the US and he recently sold over half a million sponges in Germany, in a single month!

In this episode, Aaron takes us behind the scenes of Scrub Daddy's spectacular growth using, arguably, one of the most difficult marketing channels there is, live TV.

This is a super interesting episode, covering every aspect of Scrub Daddy's marketing including social media, video advertising, and their overall approach to brand building — tonnes of takeaways in this episode, so pull up a chair and enjoy!