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Digital Marketing Podcast by Exposure Ninja

Jan 4, 2018

Ever thought of crowdfunding your business idea? You are not alone! Crowdfunding has skyrocketed and the competition has intensified. It’s increasingly difficult to exceed (or even meet) your crowdfunding goals. Setting up a crowdfunding campaign is easy, but do you know how to meet (or even double) your target?

This week on the Exposure Ninja Digital Marketing Podcast, we discuss crowdfunding with the founder of Borrow a Boat, Matt Ovenden. Dubbed as the Airbnb of boats, the peer-to-peer site launched in November 2016 to help boat owners rent out their boat while they are not in use. Their phenomenal Crowdcube campaign reached 50% of its target within hours of launching and exceeded their target by over £200,000. They raised well over £450,000 by the end of the campaign.

Did you know that successfully-funded campaigns all have a few things in common? For a start, successful campaigns start way before they launch… as you’ll find out if you listen in. Getting ready to crowdfund your big idea? Keep listening to find out how to maximize your chances of succeeding.

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