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High-Performance Digital Marketing Podcast

Nov 9, 2017

Email marketing is so much more than having a “sign up for the newsletter” opt-in at the bottom of your website. It is a powerful tool to optimise deliverability and subscriber engagement, as well as a serious revenue-driver. In this episode, Head Ninja Tim meets Email Marketing platform AWeber’s CMO Erik Harbison to discuss the most effective ways to use email marketing, whether it’s automation or segmentation of customers to guide them into your sales funnel effectively.

One of Erik’s top tips is to use email to build a valuable relationship from day one with your non-customers. Successful businesses are embracing emails as the hub of their customer relationship strategy by constantly thinking of ways to provide value. This includes using the email database as a way to collect and drive prospects or customers and segmenting and leveraging their database, rather than broadly reaching out to the clients.

Being relevant, consistent and making sure the customer has a meaningful experience is key to a successful email marketing strategy. Pick up some tips from Harbison on how his company has utilised this to great effect, and you’ll be much closer to turning your email marketing efforts into a well-oiled, profitable machine.

Make sure to follow Erik on Twitter. Oh, and check out these handy offerings from AWeber:

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