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Digital Marketing Podcast by Exposure Ninja

Sep 5, 2017

With so many tactics, tips, tricks and tools involved in digital marketing, no-one would blame you for losing sight of what it’s all in the name of: generating more leads and making sales. Whatever path you go down on your online marketing journey, every step you take should be in the name of encouraging users to invest in your service, product, company or business.

Perhaps there’s no greater example of this than with calls to action. A small, yet significant and emphasised feature on your web pages, a call to action is a crystallisation of everything you’re trying to achieve with your website and online activity. Whether it’s just a handful of words, a contact form, or a redirection to further down the conversion funnel, your aim with a CTA is to gently guide interested onlookers into becoming fully-fledged customers.

In this podcast episode, our very own Lozz Newton chats to Head Ninja Tim Kitchen about crafting the perfect CTA. Outlining your main goal, avoiding classic conversion blockers and keeping things simple for users are just a few of the key techniques Lozz and Tim explain in-depth.

The quality of your call to action is often the defining factor in the conversion rate of your entire website, so this is our way of helping you ensure those CTAs are doing their vital job well. And the thing is: if you nail this aspect of your website, you can see your leads and sales soar - without having to worry about increasing your website traffic! It's not always about expanding your reach to find more customers; it's often about improving what you already use to make that traffic more efficient. There's no greater example of this than with calls to action.

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