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Digital Marketing Podcast by Exposure Ninja

Aug 24, 2017

If you’re an expert in something, there are people out there that will pay for your expertise. No matter the topic, no matter the niche, there is a market for you to work with and use as a source of income.

Perhaps your business has a range of skills and processes that you’ve acquired and refined through practice over the years. Maybe you’re just an ambitious entrepreneur, immersing yourself in knowledge of a particular field so you can pass it on to others. Whatever your situation, it’s worth staying aware of all the knowledge you’ve gathered, so you can try to monetise all the time and effort you spent gaining that insight.

In this episode, we chat to someone who has made use of her incredible depth of knowledge and successfully productised it in many ways. Laura Phillips is a digital marketing coach and success mentor, guiding individuals and businesses alike towards success. Laura has scratched and clawed her way to the top by constantly acquiring new skills and taking on key information with regards to web design and online marketing, switching from “done for you” work to helping others gain the skills they need.

It’s all about understanding what your customers want and need to know in order to achieve their goal. A business might be keen to start email marketing, which you’ve carried out in the past. Maybe a business wants to know the ins and outs of WordPress, which you’ve been using for donkey’s years. More often than not, this knowledge they crave is buried within your company’s processes. All you need to do is identify it, format it and make the customer aware that they can acquire it. Laura takes us through the process of how she has done exactly that in recent years to productise the incredible efforts she has made in recent years.

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