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Digital Marketing Podcast by Exposure Ninja

Aug 15, 2017

Presentation is something that is more prevalent in online marketing than you might assume. Whether you’re presenting a product, an aspect of your company, or the business as a whole, getting your point across successfully and in the right way is a key factor in successful customer engagement.

Voice coaches know exactly what it takes to inspire people through the spoken word, so in this podcast episode, we chat to one of the best. Andrew Bennett from Toastmasters, a vocal performer and President of Berkley Square Speakers, talks about the importance of conveying trust and clarity of message in your voice. Andrew explains how the likes of mumbling or a monotonous tone can damage your intentions, and encourages us to embrace impromptu speaking, rather than fear it.

Speak in a way that oozes authority and demands respect (while remaining respectful yourself) in the likes of audio interviews and webinars, and your brand will appear authoritative as a result. What’s more, if you’re engaging with your public speaking, that success will bleed over to your writing, opening up new avenues to market your business in a more appealing way.

From product descriptions to blog posts, social media activity to written presentations, filling your writing full of those skills you learned to improve your public speaking can take the perception of your business to the next level. So, enjoy picking up some valuable skills for Andrew, as well as just enjoying his dulcet tones!

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