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Digital Marketing Podcast by Exposure Ninja

Aug 3, 2017


Every business has to start somewhere and establish its own corner of a market to succeed. But that doesn’t mean you can’t assess and take pointers from those who have been in the game for much longer.

And who better to learn from than those businesses that absolutely dominate their market? Sure, they may have a budget or online footprint that allows them to do things you can’t right now, but their mentality and approach can always be recycled in a way that works for your brand.

Understanding not just what stands out in a business, but why it stands out and how you are drawn in is the key to breaking down a major player’s marketing platform.

In this podcast episode, we talk with designer, public speaker and entrepreneur extraordinaire Maurice Cherry about the specific efforts of four global companies in their quest for market supremacy. Specifically, we chat about their use of scarcity and unique branding to set themselves apart from the rest and make people desperate to become their customer.

Correct use of scarcity in marketing can streamline sales and boost overall brand perception. By promoting in-demand stock, mind-boggling flash sales and time incentives, your products can seem like the hottest thing going, with people spreading the word and flocking back, desperate not to miss your next big offer.

Unique branding, meanwhile, is taking the voice and tone of your entire brand in an extreme direction to make it memorable – hopefully for the right reasons! Whether it’s zany and off-the-wall, or minimalist and impactful, Tim and Maurice see how the big players succeeded through outside-the-box branding.

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