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Digital Marketing Podcast by Exposure Ninja

Jul 18, 2017

If you’re a small business taking on large competitors, here’s a marketing case study that you’ll find fascinating.

In a market dominated by huge blockbuster novels and multi million dollar promotion budgets, there’s an undercurrent of very successful underground ‘niche’ authors. No surprises there, you might think.

What *is* a surprise though is how groups of these authors have turned to collaboration to pool their resources, cross promote to each other’s audiences, and create new types of books targeted at hitting bestseller lists.

This episode’s guest is Meg Cowley, successful indie author and generally switched on marketer. She takes us behind the scenes of the indie author movement and reveals a world where Amazon SEO, joint ventures, lead generation, and marketing Facebook groups are as important as the books themselves. There are lessons here for any business competing with large, well-funded rivals, and it’s great to hear how the Internet provides space for specialist niche offerings to build large, rabid followings.

Creativity can be one of the most challenging sales to make, particularly when you are selling your own. There is no shortage of independent writers, musicians, and artists who never get to the stage where they are able to effectively monetise their product, so to hear from someone who has built their business using these strategies just demonstrates how universal these principles really are.

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