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Digital Marketing Podcast by Exposure Ninja

Jun 29, 2017

Alison May has built Brocante Home on the back of a very clear manifesto. In fact, her manifesto is so clear that she actually released it to her audience as a way to clearly establish the purpose of her site.

In this episode, we dig through Alison’s growth story so far and hear how she’s grown the Brocante Home, courses and membership, all without ever being ‘sales’. She shares how her authenticity and openness has been a powerful tool to unite her audience around the mission and build a level of trust that very few businesses ever achieve.

We’re joined by Exposure Ninja’s very own Nic Tuxford, who as well as being a superstar Digital Marketer is a long time follower of Alison’s. It’s fascinating to hear Nic’s take, as a customer, and to hear how how Alison’s message and approach has resonated so well. 

Fascinating insights for any business, whether or not you’re in a similar market, on the importance of authenticity.

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