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Digital Marketing Podcast with Tim Cameron-Kitchen

Apr 22, 2020

Go against the herd. 

That's our key message for business owners who are feeling deflated by the current situation. 

While most of your competitors will be following their basic instinct to retreat, this is your chance to get ahead before the eventual economic boom that's to follow. Remember, this is not the "new normal" it's just a temporary blip in the business world. 

In this video, we share three ways to grow your business during lockdown that will help you to see this pocket of time as a blessing in disguise. 

These are all practical applications of the sentiment "buy low, sell high" that show you how to make a smart investment. We're not talking about splashing all your hard-earned cash if this isn't the right move for you — but rather knowing that there will come a time where buying is high and selling is low again. So, consider it. 

Firstly, think about what will make your customers backflip with happiness — then build it. 

Secondly, use this period for time-intensive projects like improving your website. Trust us — this will become one of your best business assets. 

Thirdly, invest in long-term marketing channels where the road to success is long and winding. You have the time and energy to pursue these now. Plus, the competition on social platforms and SEO terms is dwindling.  

If you use this time wisely, your business is likely to make a quick recovery despite how dreary things may seem right now. 

Remember: limit your news consumption, go against the herd and stay positive. 


0:28 — What's a "temporary normal"? 

1:43 — What to expect post-lockdown

2:38 — What does "buy low, sell high" mean in practice? 

5:20 — Reengineer your product or service 

7:13 — Make your website your best business asset 

8:40 — Build long-term marketing channels 

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