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High-Performance Digital Marketing Podcast

Sep 11, 2019

In this week’s episode of the Exposure Ninja Digital Marketing Podcast, Tim is joined by Seth Kravitz from Phlearn - an online course platform for photographers and creatives who want to learn how to use Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom.

Phlearn operates in an incredibly competitive space but Seth and his team have managed to build Phlearn into the no.1 platform for learning Photoshop online with the help of their super savvy Facebook Ad campaigns.

Today, Seth walks us through how he and his team have built Phlearn, specifically focussing on their approach to Facebook Ads and sharing one ridiculous accidental test that they ran with no targetting at all with surprising results!

This episode is a must-listen for any businesses out there considering a Facebook advertising strategy. Learn some tips from a tried-and-test industry expert with the Exposure Ninja Digital Marketing Podcast.

In This Week’s Podcast About Facebook Ads, You’ll Learn:

  • How to stand out from the crowd in a highly competitive space – hint: it involves being consistent and more entertaining than your competitors 
  • How to combine content marketing, organic and paid advertising to get new customers
  • Facebook Ads & Content Marketing: how to combine the two for insane ROI and growth
  • Different types of ads: the importance of building up an in-house resource bank
  • The importance of brand consistency when creating ads
  • The importance of choosing the right type of content for your ads, e.g. images vs video
  • The importance of targeting: get to know your customers (demographics but also what type of content they like) and target lookalike audiences with the same type of content
  • How to create a successful Facebook Ads funnel
  • Landing pages vs content: where to drive customers for more conversions
  • How to utilise your best content to generate traffic with commercial intent
  • Reducing bounce rate: how to keep people on your site longer than they need to be

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