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High-Performance Digital Marketing Podcast

Aug 27, 2019

In this week’s episode of the Exposure Ninja Digital Marketing Podcast, we are pleased to be joined by the Marketing Director of Kolabtree, Jonathan Hedger. 

Kolabtree is an exciting platform that offers businesses and organisations the chance to work with world-leading experts and academics to create powerful, specialised pieces of unique content to super-charge marketing efforts. In the modern age of Google, authority and expertise are crucial when it comes to developing trustworthy content that ranks. With E-A-T proving so important in 2019, now is the time you should start thinking about how to give your content the clout it needs to perform well in search. 

What Can You Expect to Learn About Increasing Your Rankings in This Episode?

Episode 136 of the Exposure Ninja Digital Marketing Podcast is all about how collaboration could be the key to mastering E-A-T and propelling your brand into newfound areas of online marketing success. Tim and Jonathan talk you through how collaborative content can be used to increase your rankings. Today you’ll learn:


  • The key industries that need to consider collaboration to secure authoritative and trustworthy content.


  • About fascinating case studies that demonstrate how collaborative content can transform your marketing efforts in a big way.


  • How experts go about creating authoritative content to bring your business the credibility it needs. 


  • Why this kind of authoritative content is so important for increasing your search engine rankings.


  • How to use collaborative content to build website backlinks.


  • Techniques and methods to get the most value out of your experts when it comes to producing collaborative content.


  • About the benefits beyond simple marketing, from new product creation possibilities to enhancing the services you offer.


  • How to find the right kind of collaborators; collaborators that are going to help your business thrive.


  • Tips for understanding collaborative content budgets, how much to invest, and where to draw the line.


  • The best way to find collaborators that you need. Where to look and how to contact them. 

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