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High-Performance Digital Marketing Podcast

Aug 21, 2019

In this week’s episode of the Exposure Ninja Digital Marketing Podcast Tim is joined by online sales-generating machine Wayne Dharana. Our resident marketing guru, Wayne has an unbelievable record when it comes to building successful client relationships and making those all-important sales.  

Today, Wayne talks us through the power of the humble email, looking at everything from why it still has a place within your communication structure to how to use it to make your business money. Whether you are looking to improve the way you interact with customers or want some tips on the best way to market your business over email, this is the podcast episode for you.  

What Can You Expect to Learn From This Podcast? 

The goal of this podcast is to gain some real insight into how to craft perfect sales emails, direct from a true sales master. Stay tuned to find out:

  • Why, despite new innovations in communication technology, you should still be using classic email for your business
  • Expert tips on how to think about automated email marketing for better growth opportunities 
  • How to email with clarity, and use your messages to progress client communication strategies; ultimately leading customers to where you want them to be
  • Best practices for sending follow up emails and how to make sure they get the right response
  • The best way to use language and tone of voice to approach your customers to create a personal connection and boost sales
  • Techniques to use that support higher rates of invoice payment
  • Why a personal style and persona is essential for engaging customers
  • Wayne’s top tips and golden rules for crafting the best possible sales emails
  • How to use emails to manage client expectations.

For show notes and to get a free review of your website and digital marketing, complete with a tailored plan to increase your leads and sales online, head to