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High-Performance Digital Marketing Podcast

Mar 26, 2019

In this week’s episode of the Exposure Ninja Digital Marketing Podcast, we’re delighted to welcome Pia Silva of Worst of All Design back to the show!

Pia joined us on the show back in 2017 on Episode 25 of the podcast, where she shared her expert knowledge of how small companies can compete (and win) against larger, more established players – all by harnessing the supreme power of branding.

This time around, we’re taking things one step further and discussing how to go about branding your business with your ideal customer in mind.

What can you expect to learn from this podcast episode?

This is a super interesting episode with Pia packed full of gems of knowledge about how to understand your target audience and their pain points in order to stand out and win new customers!

Here are some of the things we discuss:

  • How to brand your business to stand out in your niche
  • How to profile your target audience
  • What sort of characteristics need to make up an audience profile
  • How well do we really need to understand our target customer?
  • How to design your brand to resonate with your ideal customer

Huge thanks to Pia Silva for joining us again on the podcast! You can find Pia on Social Media @PiaLovesYourBiz and if you're on Facebook, make sure you join her group Badass Your Brand

You can also sign up for Pia's FREE TRAINING at

For show notes, head to While you’re there, don’t forget to get a free review of your website and digital marketing efforts. Each review comes complete with a tailored plan to increase your leads and sales online!