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High-Performance Digital Marketing Podcast

Jan 15, 2019

Here at the Exposure Ninja Digital Marketing Podcast, we’re all about helping you generate more leads and sales for your website. But first, let’s go back a few steps and discuss how you can build a profitable website on time and on budget. Does your website look outdated? Is it mobile-friendly? And just what is mobile-first design, anyway?

If you’ve ever had a website built, you’ll know that the process can be painful, expensive and disappointing. But it needn’t be that way. With the right preparation, planning and a clear idea of your outcome, the website you have built can be a platform for your business’s growth for many years to come.

In today’s episode, Tim talks to our very own Head of Website Development, Brittany Stackhouse. Britt’s team of Web Designers, Developers and Project Managers is responsible for designing and building Exposure Ninja’s hundreds of bespoke and high-converting websites for our clients. They deliver high-quality websites and lead generation template websites for businesses of all sizes and budgets, so, naturally, Britt has a thing or two to say on how to make this happen in the most cost and time-effective way possible!

Listen as she runs through the entire website building process. Learn about each crucial piece of the puzzle and find out what really goes on behind the scenes during a typical website build:

  • The website design exercise that prevents your new website from under-performing
  • The secret to never going over-budget
  • The time-saving and stress-eliminating tools to use to make giving feedback on your new website design as easy as a couple of clicks
  • The questions your website design company SHOULD be asking before they lift a finger
  • How to avoid your new website being a total dud.

For show notes, head to While you’re there, don’t forget to get a free review of your website and digital marketing efforts. Each review comes complete with a tailored plan to increase your leads and sales online.