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High-Performance Digital Marketing Podcast

Jul 11, 2018

In this week’s ‘behind the scenes’ episode of the Exposure Ninja Digital Marketing Podcast, Tim is once again joined by Lozz Newton, Facebook Ad wizard and podcast fan favourite!

This week, Lozz chats to Tim about two Facebook Ads client campaigns that he ran. The first is a board game company that was running a Kickstarter for a new game they were launching -- with a target of £100,000 to raise, Lozz enabled them to completely smash that target with the help of an awesomely executed Facebook Ad campaign, helping them raise just under £1.5M!!

The second campaign we cover in this episode couldn't be more different. This client was a Dental Law firm, which, as you can imagine is a pretty difficult field to generate exciting content for. When these guys started their Facebook Ads, their cost per acquisition (CPA) was around £300 which we managed to reduce to just £10, a reduction of 70%! Lozz walks us through what he did to achieve this reduction so you can replicate it for your own ad campaigns.

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