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High-Performance Digital Marketing Podcast

Nov 20, 2019

In this weeks episode of the Exposure Ninja Digital Marketing Podcast Tim is joined by George Papazov, from TradePro Academy, a trading membership platform that helps newcomers to stocks trade like a pro. George is here today to share the tools and techniques he is currently using to gain a massive amount of organic traffic to his website.

TradePro, which offers an educational course/program for people who are interested in learning how to trade stocks, options and forex, is a website that has seen booming interest thanks to their digital marketing efforts. George has managed to build a thriving community of traders who can meet, learn and interact to share ideas through some ingenious marketing strategies.

TradePro’s main source of revenue comes from their memberships, which is a notoriously difficult area to generate revenue, as it’s hard to get people to commit to paying a monthly fee. How is George achieving such success in this area? In our podcast, he shares details on how TradePro uses a constant stream of fresh content to maintain high levels of membership. Due to the volatility of the trade industry, he explains how this works and why it is necessary. He also talks about how you can repackage content into actionable advice for your visitors.

To finish, George gives us extra insight into how TradePro is able to hold on to the memberships once it has them. The business acquires them via three main funnels and utilises these strategies to keep consumers interested. The strategies are:
- Free training courses
- Organic SEO
- Social media presence.
If you want all the details, listen in to find out how George is using these avenues to boost leads and sales for TradePro