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Welcome to the Exposure Ninja Digital Marketing podcast, here to help you grow your business through better visibility, higher conversions and Ninja marketing strategies.

Mar 1, 2017

Neil is one of the World’s best known online marketers, and has built his brand through blogging. In this week’s episode we investigate the formula he uses to not only make his blog posts attract a lot of social shares, but to bring new business to his various companies. We also discuss his conversion optimisation and SEO work with companies like Amazon and ICanHasCheezburger

For show notes and to get a free bespoke marketing plan to improve the leads and sales your website generates, head to https://exposureninja.com/episode24

Feb 21, 2017

In this episode, Tim and Lozz explore how businesses in any market can use email marketing to build relationships with leads and prospects, in a very scalable ‘set and forget’ way. Hear about what happened when the Exposure Ninja email system went into meltdown and tripled, find out what the three types of emails you should be sending, and get the Ninjas’ thoughts on what the perfect email frequency should be.

For show notes head to https://www.exposureninja.com/episode23. To get a free bespoke Digital marketing plan for your business, visit https://www.exposureninja.com/review

Feb 14, 2017

Sick of writing blog posts that no one reads? Fed up with getting no shares on your social media posts?

In this episode, Tim chats with Joe Friedlein of Browser Media about how any business - yes, even yours - can come up with interesting stories, creative angles, and the holy grail: content that goes viral. Hear examples from businesses that are *far* more ‘boring’ than yours, and discover how they took an off-piste approach to come up with viral content ideas that had more impact than they could have possibly hoped, earning them awareness and links on a large scale.

For show notes, head over to https://www.exposureninja.com/episode22

Feb 7, 2017

Not using Google Tag Manager (GTM) yet? In this episode, Tim is joined by Phil Byrne to discuss how and why we should all be using Google Tag Manager on our websites to make tracking simple. Plus, get Phil’s top tips for using Twitter ads to snap up traffic following Twitter Hourlies (and how to find local Twitter Hourlies). Finally we discuss LinkedIn’s new sponsored InMail ads, and how you can use them to target specific job roles in companies which would be a good fit for your products or service.

Show notes are online at https://www.exposureninja.com/episode21

Jan 31, 2017

Ever wondered how certain social media profiles go ‘super-viral’ and grow exponentially? In this week’s episode, we go behind the scenes of such a campaign with Mitchell Stuart, and pull out the lessons learnt that you can adapt to grow your own social following.

For show notes, head to https://www.exposureninja.com/episode20

Jan 24, 2017

This episode is for anyone who has set up an ad campaign, driven some traffic to their website and sat back waiting for sales… and waited… and no sales. Marketing always involves an element of the unknown, and campaigns zero even for experienced marketers from time to time. So what’s the process you need to go through to identify where the blockage lies?


We’ll explain how you can work backward, up through your funnel, to find where the campaign is underperforming. Are you driving enough traffic? Is it the *right* traffic? Are people getting to your site and dropping out?

You can read the show notes at https://www.exposureninja.com/episode19 or head over to the blog and read a longer post about this process at https://www.exposureninja.com/website-isnt-making-sales-troubleshooting-digital-marketing/

Jan 18, 2017

Our guest this week started his marketing life setting up what became one of the UK’s first and largest online glasses retailers until they were hit by a heavy Google penalty that the business never fully recovered from. Jonny Ross then went on to set up his own digital agency. In this episode, we discuss how B2B and B2C companies can use personas on social media to increase the number of conversations they have with their audiences.


For show notes, head over to https://www.exposureninja.com/episode18

Jan 10, 2017

If you’ve ever wondered how giant websites (like eBay and skis.com) work on converting more of their visitors into buyers, then this episode will be a real treat for you. Khalid Saleh has been in conversion rate optimisation since before it was a recognised thing, and has worked with some of the World’s biggest brands.

We’ll be discussing some of the campaigns he’s worked on, the lessons that he’s learned about human behaviour online, and what businesses of any size can take from the experiences of such high traffic websites to improve their own lead and sales volume. Enjoy!

Jan 3, 2017

Every business has a sales funnel, even if they didn’t consciously plan it. From someone becoming aware of your business to deciding to make a purchase, every buyer goes through the same 4 stages: Awareness, Interest, Desire, Action.

In this episode, we’re going to be looking at how you can accelerate people through your sales funnel using Ninja-style marketing, from increasing awareness to motivating those already familiar with you to take ACTION.

For show notes, head over to https://www.exposureninja.com/episode16

Dec 27, 2016

Is all SEO black hat? Is marketing just annoying? Is Conversion Rate Optimisation manipulative? Are Digital Marketing companies a rip off? Lozz has compiled the most awkward (and in some cases rude) questions that people have about digital marketing, but are usually too scared to ask. Tim has to answer these questions live. 


For show notes, head to https://www.exposureninja.com/episode15

Dec 20, 2016

As we speed towards the New Year, attention inevitably falls on planning and goal setting. As a business owner, your plan for the next 12 months is one of the most important things you’ll do this year. In this episode, Tim walks through the Business Growth goal setting plan that Exposure Ninja and clients have used to double their business each year. 


For show notes and the accompanying worksheet, head to https://www.exposureninja.com/episode14

Dec 13, 2016

Ever seen someone with a surprisingly engaged social media following and wondered how they did it? Tried Twitter and found that it’s full of Twits and spammers? In this episode, Tim chats with Graham Todd, from Spaghetti Agency about how he ‘accidentally’ built a very engaged social media following from his wine delivery van, just by being himself. 

Discover how the angles Todd used can translate to other businesses, and get his top tips for finding your own brand voice that works well on social media.

To get a free analysis of your social media with a customised plan to grow your engagement and generate more sales through your website, head to www.exposureninja.com/review

Dec 6, 2016

Did you know that between 68-80% eCommerce customers who put items in their basket DON’T complete checkout? This episode is all about how to reduce that percentage and make more sales by using voucher codes and streamlining the checkout process. 


Tim chats with Ben Corrigan from Pouch, who has spent his life working on eCommerce checkout optimisation, and the principles covered are relevant to any business seeking to sell or generate leads online.


For a free review of your website’s conversion funnel, head to www.exposureninja.com/review

Nov 29, 2016

When people think of personal brands, they might think of someone like Richard Branson. But you don’t have to have the cool grey beard or be willing to throw yourself off buildings to develop a personal brand.

In this episode, Tim Cameron-Kitchen and Adele McClay discuss how businesses of all sizes can use the owner or founder’s persona, as well as the personas of key employees, to make their business more attractive online and offline.

Nov 22, 2016

Ever spent an insane amount of money on a new website only to find out that it’s not bringing you any business? The planning phase of any new website is crucial, as this is where the marketing thought goes in. What does your new website need to do? What are the most important elements that every new website should contain? How should it be structured? What should the design look like?

In this episode, Tim, Lozz and Head of Development at Exposure Ninja Brittany discuss how to plan the perfect website. From the pages to include to the design to use, hear it straight from the people who have built and analysed hundreds of websites in every market. This episode could well save you tens of thousands, and a LOT of stress!

Nov 15, 2016

Bloggers and social media are the magazines and newspapers of the 21st Century. There’s a reason that the world’s biggest brands turn to online influencers when they want to sell a lot of product and increase the visibility of their brand. In this epi

Nov 8, 2016

Any time you’re driving traffic to your website, most of your visitors will not buy. Whether your conversion rate is 1% or 25%, you’re still losing *most* people.

But just because they’ve left, it doesn’t mean that they’re not qualified. Driving those visitors BACK to your site for a second look can be very profitable, and in fact a returning visitor is 43% more likely to turn into a customer.

In this episode we’ll look at how to use Facebook retargeting effectively to maximise the ROI of the visitors who leave your site without converting. We’ll look at how to segment them according to their interests (to make sure you’re sending them back to the pages that they are most likely to buy from), some strategies that different businesses can use, and how to make sure your ads don’t come across as ‘creepy’.

Whether you’re an eCommerce business, service or SAAS company, this episode will show you how to use Facebook retargeting effectively to drive sales and growth.

Nov 1, 2016

If you’ve tried running Facebook ads but not seen the sort of success you’d like, in this episode Laurence shares his top tips for optimising your campaign to maximise ROI. We’ll look at the importance of the Facebook Pixel and how to use it, how you should be optimising your campaigns, and how to dramatically improve the efficiency of your ads by stripping out audience segments.

For show notes, head to https://www.exposureninja.com/episode7

To read The Ultimate Beginners Guide To Facebook Ads, go to: https://www.exposureninja.com/facebook-ad-beginners-guide/

Oct 25, 2016

Most people are horrified when they learn that as much as 80% of their website visitors are leaving their sites without engaging at all, and rightly so. Traffic can be expensive, so encouraging visitors to stick around longer can make a lot more sense than simply throwing more traffic at an under-performing website.

In this episode Tim and Lozz discuss the all-important bounce rate metric: what it means, what it should be, and, most importantly, how to reduce it. If you’d like to convert more of your existing website traffic into customers and reduce your wasted ad spend, you won’t want to miss this.

For show notes head to https://www.exposureninja.com/episode6

To read the Exposure Ninja Guide: ‘What is a good bounce rate?’, head to www.exposureninja.com/bounce-rate

Oct 18, 2016

In this week's podcast episode, Tim and Lozz discuss the 5 questions that any website's homepage needs to answer.

Whilst these questions might seem obvious, you would be amazed at how few websites answer them adequately. 

As always, the golden rule of website design is "you can't be too obvious". So whether it's hiding important information in the footer, turning your audience off with the wrong images or failing to describe clearly why people should choose you over your competitors, many sites are guilty of unknowingly sabotaging their chances of conversion. Answer these five questions clearly, however, and you'll be well on your way. For show notes visit www.exposureninja.com/episode5

Oct 11, 2016

Ever struggled to find interesting blog topics or outreach ideas? In this episode of #askninja Tim gives 4 killer questions that you can ask to unlock more blog topics than you'll ever need. Also in this episode: get the lowdown on Google's Penguin 4.0 update, get the truth about Meta keywords, and get Tim's top suggestions for picking a Wordpress theme. For show notes, head to www.exposureninja.com/podcast

Oct 4, 2016

Most businesses try to sell immediately from their websites. But this is rarely the most effective or profitable use of a website, and typically much larger gains can be made by using Lead Generation strategies instead or as well.

In this episode Tim and Lozz explain how you can begin using Lead Generation principles on your website to increase the number of leads and sales that you attract. 

Tim will share his tips for choosing an appealing lead 'bait', picking software, and how to create a follow up campaign.

They'll also discuss some real life examples, and run through the process of designing lead generation for some hypothetical businesses.

Whether you're an eCommerce website or a service company, and whether you're local, national or worldwide, this episode will help you think through and map out how you can use lead gen to grow your business through your website.

Oct 4, 2016

Does writing new blog posts always seem to be at the bottom of your to-do list? Are you bored of writing posts that no one reads, which never rank well and make you wonder why you're bothering at all?

If so, you are not alone. Blogging is something that most businesses struggle with. They know that they should be doing it, but when the time comes to actually do it, there's always something that feels more important which needs to be done instead.

In this episode, Tim interviews experienced blogger and Exposure Ninja's Head of Digital PR, Charlie Marchant. Charlie shares her tips and suggestions to turn any business's blog from a low-priority content dump to an important and thriving source of traffic and sales.

You'll discover:

  • How to come up with content ideas that will actually get read and shared
  • How frequently you should be posting
  • Scheduling, clustering and timing your posts for success
  • How creating a content planner can take all the strain out of your topic selection
  • Killer tools for finding the best blog topics
  • How to get people on your team (or outside your team) to help with writing your posts, without damaging your 'brand voice'
  • How to turn blog visitors into buyers or leads for your business

When Charlie is not leading Exposure Ninja's 25-strong Digital PR team as they create and promote blogs for businesses, she's blogging for herself though Charlie On Travel, a popular and influential blog documenting her travel around the world.

Oct 3, 2016

In this episode, SEO Ninjas Tim Cameron-Kitchen, Zack Hayes and Dale Davies discuss exactly what it takes to improve the ranking of any website, based on their experience analysing, consulting with and working on thousands of websites in every imaginable market.

Every SEO campaign begins with your website, and you'll discover how to optimise your website and order your content to maximise its Google-friendliness.

Then, when it's time to get promoting, hear the Ninjas' top tips for attracting links to your website from some of the World's highest-authority sites. Learn how to get links from video sites, how to spot good quality directories and how to be featured in magazines, news sites and high profile blogs - all to boost your ranking.

If you've read Exposure Ninja's Bestselling SEO book How to Get To The Top of Google, this episode is your chance to get behind-the-scenes and hear first hand what it really takes to implement this stuff and the results that it can achieve for you.

Oct 3, 2016

In this episode, Tim Cameron-Kitchen (@timninjakitchen) shares his tips for new businesses looking to promote themselves online, or established businesses that are new to digital marketing.

In the early days of any digital marketing campaign, priorities are everything. Rather than trying to be everywhere all at once, it makes sense to choose your channels and focus your attention on the sources of traffic which will bring you those all-important early sales.

Tim and Laurence talk about how to identify your perfect target audience, and where to find them online. They discuss how to find and communicate your Unique Selling Point (USP) effectively through your website, and give some examples of USPs that work well online.

They'll share their tips and observations about new brand launches that haven't worked, and why.

You'll also discover what a new business website needs to do and say, how to get it built, and how to tell whether a DIY approach is suitable for your particular market. Learn about driving your first traffic through paid ads and SEO, and how to keep a handle on costs. 

Finally they'll give some tips on scaling your marketing activity as you grow, and taking feedback from your online audience to pivot and refine your offering.

If you're launching a new venture online or are getting your existing business online for the first time, this episode will take you step-by-step through the process from the people who do this all day every day.



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